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Dental CRM

"These all will definitely make you gain referrals"

In a Dental Profession, Goodwill is the most important thing which helps in utmost development. Marketing strategies can be a second option, in Dental or any other profession. Goodwill can be achieved in two ways, one by the work we deliver & the second one through how we maintain a healthy relationship with our existing clients / patients.

Work we deliver; off course no alterations can be done & it's completely relied on our skill and experience.
Secondly, maintaining a healthy relationship; for this our CRM helps you in many ways. Obviously you will feel the glory of saving time. Allotment of works/appointments will be much easier. There will be no loop holes afforded to the employees in wasting time. Most importantly, who ever using this CRM will be free from the pressure that are build from remembering those works/tasks to be done. No tasks/appointments will be missed out from our CRM when it is updated as a remainder.


Dental Starter
6 Months
Dental Economy
1 Year
Dental Deluxe
2 Years
Dental Ultimate
5 Years
₹ 2999.00
(+18% GST)
SAVE 20% ₹ 3599.00
₹ 4999.00
(+18% GST)
SAVE 25% ₹ 6249.00
₹ 8999.00
(+18% GST)
SAVE 31% ₹ 11789.00
₹ 19999.00
(+18% GST)
SAVE 44% ₹ 28799.00
To start with Free trial
for 10 days
You can pay ₹ 2999.00
for six-month terms
You can pay ₹ 4999.00
for one-year terms
You can pay ₹ 8999.00
for two-years terms
You can pay ₹ 19999.00
for five-years terms
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Web Based Software

Most important advantage of our CRM is you need not have to install an application just a browser is enough.

Super Admin control

Only the Admin will have the full authorization to make changes in the CRM.

Dedicated Server

If it is not a Dedicated server, there is a high chance of misusing your data being updated in the CRM.

Data Backup

According to the requirements, data's can be backed up in weekly/monthly basis for future reference.